​Return and Warranty Service (RMA)

  1. Return Conditions for Quality Goods
    1. Quality goods can be returned within 14 days from the date of invoice issuance.
    2. The returned product must be in its original, undamaged packaging with all accessories and labels intact.
    3. The returned product must be unused, undamaged, and must not have lost its commercial appearance.
    4. Return expenses are not reimbursed.
  2. Warranty Service Conditions
    1. The warranty for goods is calculated from the date of purchase and is valid for both individuals and legal entities. The duration of the product warranty is specified in the product card, order system.
    2. The returned product must comply with special warranty conditions specified in the product card, order system, if any.
    3. Natural wear and tear of the product and any resulting changes in its appearance or characteristics are not considered product defects or lack of quality.
    4. Warranty service is not provided if:
      1. It arose due to lightning, flood, earthquake, fire, or other natural disasters.
      2. Defects or defects occurred due to the fault of the Buyer or third parties, or force majeure circumstances.
      3. The defect arose due to contamination and environmental impact, when dust, foreign objects, materials, liquids, insects, etc., entered the device.
      4. The device was used for purposes other than its direct purpose, incorrectly, manufacturer's permissible loads, operating modes were exceeded.
      5. The device was connected to technically untidy or ungrounded electrical and other networks or the malfunction occurred due to excessive electrical voltage or its surges, sudden voltage drop, disappearance.
      6. The device is mechanically, thermally, chemically, or otherwise damaged.
      7. Multiple devices were interconnected without following the device connection rules.
  3. Procedure for Returning Goods:
    1. The Buyer must inform their manager about the planned return; if they do not have the manager's contact, they should contact via email info@eurodigital.lt.
    2. If the Buyer wants to return a defective product, the Buyer must inform their manager about the planned return; if they do not have the manager's contact, they should contact via email info@eurodigital.lt and additionally specify the nature of the defect and attach a photo or video material showing the defect of the product.
    3. The Buyer fills out the RMA form available in the order system.
    4. The Buyer must deliver the goods to the address Linkuvos str. 85, LT48313 Kaunas, along with a copy of the RMA document.
    5. Upon receiving the product, the Seller will assess its condition, and further actions and processes will be visible in the RMA system.
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