Supply chain problems in China rises more challenge in Europe

Published 2021-09-30

In order to control carbon emissions, China government has implemented power rationing measures for many our suppliers. Now many companies in China can not work normally as before. Many companies can only work two days a week and even some companies can only work one day a week. Some companies have to open part of facilities for work and stop other departments. China government only provides 20% - 30% of the normal electricity consumption to the factory.

Therefore, the market expects that the material delivery cycle will be prolonged in the future, and the material cost and labor cost will increase significantly. Several of our material suppliers have given notice that they will start raising prices in October. One of the suppliers said that a single 18650 cell would rise by 0.6 yuan. We will try our best to ensure that the customer's price remains unchanged, but if the supplier's price increase is too high, resulting in a loss for our company, we will have to adjust the cost. Now I'll send you this notice in advance to let you know the actual situation of factories in China.

So now we sincerely inform keep larger stock of our products.

In addition, due to power restriction measures in China, the delivery date of future orders to EURODIGITAL European warehouse may be unstable. Please plan your orders in advance to give us enough time to deal with them.

Unstable supply may continue until the Chinese New Year or even longer.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and hope to get your understanding and support.

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